Your website needs a makeover first.
You need a new website altogether.
Make sure you have healed and are healthy and energetic first before you start sharing your stories.
You don’t have a list of topics you’re going to write about yet.
You’re not even clear on your theme or main topic yet.
Maybe you need to follow online courses about setting up a blog.
You need a new phone and laptop first.
You need professional photos, otherwise you look like you don’t know what you’re doing.
You don’t know what you’re doing anyway.
You need to learn how to write better.
You only had about 9 drama writing classes so how can you think you can become a (good) blogger?
All other people who blog have more writing experience and skills.
You will lose your inspiration, you will give up.
You need to figure out how to be more disciplined and productive first.
You need to practice blogging before you can start.
You need to learn more about computer programming and setting up websites first.

These are just a few of the thoughts going round and round in my mind about starting this blog. Or starting anything else for that matter. Does this sound familiar?

Fortunately, there’s online business hero Marie Forleo (if you don’t know her yet, go check her out!) who breaks that cycle with her motto ‘Start Before You’re Ready’.
This is hard for me. As a highly sensitive person I am more likely to only start something after careful consideration, thinking it through so that I do it right the first time. Instead of just jumping in, headfirst, and then seeing what happens. Even after years of theatre school and acting projects that required plenty of improvisation, I still think I need to get my act together first before being able and being allowed to ‘act’.
Not having it together yet, not knowing what you think you need to know, not being good or perfect enough yet, are the perfect excuses for procrastinating your dreams and plans. Do you recognize this? Many of us follow this pattern, especially women and, I think, highly sensitive people.
“If I just do this course, follow that training, read about this more, then I’ll be more ready.” We’re searching for a feeling of safety and confidence that we think will come with more preparation and practice. But what if that feeling never comes? What if you never feel completely ready? Because, let’s face it, we will never be perfect. We can always come up with more stuff to learn, more we need to tweak and improve. So how do we know when we are ready to start something?
The answer is simple: we don’t. We don’t know, we won’t know. That is why we just need to start. Start anyway. Right now, as it is, as you are. Start NOW. Start while feeling so not ready and allow yourself to grow, learn and improve along the way. Give yourself the valuable experience of learning on the go, on the job. And besides, how boring is perfection anyway? How boring would a perfect person who always has everything together, a perfect website, a perfect anything be? Not just boring, scary too.
So instead of striving for perfection, let’s go for authenticity and vulnerability. For being human, being real. For not having your act together and acting anyway. Let’s make our mistakes and let them help us and each other move forward. We are enough as we are, right now.
Now let’s take that first step and see where this walk takes us.
Here I go…