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My name is Marloes van Meel and on this website I share my stories, my life, my insights. I am a HSP, a Highly Sensitive Person, and I will share a lot about this trait, because I think it is important that there is more knowledge and understanding of high sensitivity. I want to inspire, inform and guide fellow HSPs (and myself ;)) on their journey towards self-acceptance, self-love and self-expression. No more hiding or letting rejection get us down.
And ultimately, I hope this world will be a more sensitive place, a place where we can all fully embrace and express our sensitive souls without having to ‘harden up’ in order to survive.


My blog

You deserve therapy!

The first time I went to see a psychologist I was 30 years old. Should have done that way sooner. Years before, when I was living abroad, in Basel, Switzerland, I felt so lost and lonely, crying on my couch and in bed every night. I didn't know what to do, didn't want...

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Madonna already sang it years ago: "Express yourself don't repress yourself". And the queen of pop was so right. Then why do we often hide, or why do we pretend to be what we're not, why do we copy others? Instead of living our uniqueness and expressing it, we try to...

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My unsolicited advice on unsolicited advice

"Just take the pill in the prodromal phase, right away, then it works", says my coworker after I tell her that I wasn't at work the day before because of a migraine. I feel the irritation stirring inside me, slowly climbing up to heat up my still sore head. Irritation...

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Starting before you’re ready

Your website needs a makeover first. You need a new website altogether. Make sure you have healed and are healthy and energetic first before you start sharing your stories. You don't have a list of topics you're going to write about yet. You're not even clear on your...

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