About me

Name: Marloes van Meel (Marie-Louise de Farine for posh French people, Loes for friends, Loelepoe for mom, Proelekop for sister (why??))
Parents: Mother, Father
Siblings: Sister (4y older, but I’m taller so I can still call her my little sister right?)
Birthplace: Oss, The Netherlands
Past residences: Oss, Herpen, Nijmegen, Toronto, Basel, Amsterdam, Leiden
Current residence: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Schools: St. Nicolaasschool (elementary school), Titus Brandsmalyceum (high school/grammar school), Radboud University Nijmegen (Biomedical Health Sciences), Theaterschool De Trap (acting, theatre making)
Current Professions: Over-thinker, empathizer
Past Professions: Animal rescuer-turned-dead bird burier, sister copier, wanna-be movie star, imaginary friend lover, dog breeds connaisseur
Hobbies: scrolling through social media, reading, Netflixing, going to the theatre, playing the guitar, singing, trying to understand everything and everyone, traveling, eating breakfast
Sports: yoga, running, extreme snoozing (current personal record is two hours).
Life goals: saving the world, traveling the world in a campervan, living by the sea. All this with a handsome guy and sweet dog by my side. Or a sweet guy and handsome dog.
Good character traits: Empathetic, sweet, enthusiastic, kind, HSP, intelligent, very funny, extremely modest.
Bad character traits: None (obviously)