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My name is Marloes van Meel and on this website I share my stories, my life, my insights. I am a HSP, a Highly Sensitive Person, and I will share a lot about this trait, because I think it is important that there is more knowledge and understanding of high sensitivity. I want to inspire, inform and guide fellow HSPs (and myself ;)) on their journey towards self-acceptance, self-love and self-expression. No more hiding or letting rejection get us down.
And ultimately, I hope this world will be a more sensitive place, a place where we can all fully embrace and express our sensitive souls without having to ‘harden up’ in order to survive.


My blog

Update – Why I was silent

I didn't post on this website for a long time. That doesn't mean that I forgot about it, had nothing to write about or even that I didn't write. There were other reasons for the silence on this website though. I would like to elaborate on those and explain what was...

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A tree is rooted in the ground, so that it has a strong base. From there it can grow, its branches can stretch out into the sky, searching for more space, more grace, becoming a beautiful richly branched-out tree. It doesn't just grow upwards, but also develops its...

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When is it time to quit? We often see quitting as giving up, as failing. A defeat. But sometimes it is the wisest thing to do. Self-care really. Continuing on a path that doesn’t suit you just because you don’t want to be seen as a quitter is stubborn and actually...

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For my eyes only

The day before the lens implantation It's the day before. Clear-sightedness eve. The last day of having to wear thick glasses. The end of day lenses or monthly lenses that my eyes can't tolerate anymore and that don't come in the right strength anyway. Tomorrow I will...

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Restless days

I always feel restless and jittery in the days leading up to a (major) event. No matter if it's a social event, or a workshop, a doctor's visit or anything else. In June it was my vacation to Austria and my final visit to the office where I worked to return my devices...

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This week I've been very indecisive. In fact I still haven't decided what this blog post should be about and as a result have written a few half-finished articles. I haven't recorded the video I wanted to post either. Not sure which of two ideas I should go with. The...

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